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About us

From time immemorial, the citizens of Sabac have enjoyed spending time in bars. Therefore, epithets that are associated with them are bohemians and revelers. Taverns were not only restaurants, but also objects of great cultural significance to the city. People were socializing there, they were singing, having fun, playing cards, but also making important decisions and transacting business.

Sabac was one of the first cities in Serbia where ladies, escorted by their cavaliers, started going to bars, mainly on Sundays before noon. Previously, this has been only a male privilege and almost an unimaginable shame for women.

With its rich history, woven by East and West, magnificent mansions of wealthy traders of Sabac, well-known Civija’s jokes and unrivaled Cicvarices, Sabac is reasonably considered as little Paris.

Gradska kafana was created as a tribute to, at first glance deadened, bohemian spirit of Sabac, retaing the best of those golden times - homemade food, a wide selection of drinks and a unique Civija atmosphere.

Gradska kafana stands out from the restaurant map of Sabac for its rich menu of international dishes, an extensive wine list, professional staff and innovative interior and exterior. The whole ambiance of the restaurant is marked by the perfect harmony of good tradition and modern times.

In the spirit of golden Sabac times, among checkered tablecloths, intimate street lantern lights and cobblestone tiled floors, “Gradska kafana” reconciles the opposites of tradition and modernity- just as it Sabac once did, at the crossroads of East and West...